SEO For Small Businesses

SEO For Small Businesses

SEO For Small Businesses

SEO For Small Businesses : Search engine optimization is the buzz word in today’s Internet space. If you’re new to the online world, sit back and take a deep breath. In this article, you’re going to learn what SEO is and what it can do for your business. SEO For Small Businesses

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means optimizing your site for the search engines to help them rank your site highly in the search results. The higher a website ranks, the more likely it is to attract visitors. If you want to rank well in the search engines, it’s necessary to provide valuable content that is relevant to the search terms. Because the search engines only have a certain amount of data storage, if you’re using a dynamic database a query will mean that the search engines must sort through your entire database to find your desired information. retrieving the desired information can take a long time. So it is possible that you will not be able to access the information as quickly as you would like. This could be very frustrating and cause you to be frustrated. For this reason, you may want to consider moving your website to another server. Here are 3 reasons that you may want to consider moving your website to another server.

#1. Server Speed

Websites are allocated a certain amount of disk space based on their size. If you have a site that uses a lot of pages, you can allot more space by using a script that determines the amount of disk space used by your site and allocate it to the script. If the script uses up all of the space, your site won’t be displayed until all of the space used is released. This way, you can save space and reduce the possibility of causing your users to wait for your site to be displayed. SEO For Small Businesses

#2.uced Load Time

If your site is using an Apache server, it can store onto the disk for up to three days. If the size of your site is greater than 500 pages, it will take some time for the database to be re-programmed so that the script can be reloaded. If the size of your site is greater than 500 pages, your users may not wait until the site is displayed before they download it.

#3. Higher Page Rank

At one time, the Page Rank was only given by Google themselves. PR did not factor into search algorithm ranking of web sites. Now, many SEO experts will give you their opinion on how your site should be ranked in the search engines. They may guarantee that you will be ranked better; however, you should take this with a grain of salt. SEO consultants are paid to optimize your site and make it more search engine friendly. They are not necessarily a search engine expert.

asp .net, java .us, asp and mix are other top level domains that can be associated with your site. Your URL is likely to be part of a domain name; however, this is not a guarantee that you will rank higher in the search engines. SEO For Small Businesses

Search engine optimization is complicated and quite time consuming. You will need to study your keywords and phrases and many of them will not be obvious at first. Keywords and phrases are those words or phrases that would be used by prospective clients when they are searching for businesses like yours. When you have identified your keywords, you can use the same keywords to optimize your own web site.

In addition, SEO involves link building. This is the process of driving traffic to your site through the use of well-placed links.

Keywords and phrases must be used throughout the web site. Here are a few examples:

• Articles, such as this one on Search Engine Optimization should use the keyword tandem conveyance. A “cule” is the standard town car term for a car.

• ” Theme builders” should have the phrase “Theme Cars Builders” in the phrase they use.

• A page dedicated to the history of engines should have the phrase “Old Engine” in the phrase used on that page.

• A page dedicated to the early years of concrete grip warnizers should be named “C concrete grip warnizers” and have the phrase “tsunami concrete grip warnizers” in the paragraph heading.

• A page on high optimization using the keywords “high optimization” and “one way link building” should be named “Don’t builders block the way to success”.

One of the reasons that many online SEO experts say that their online skills are so unique is that they have non-stop social networking to and from work and the kids to school. The kids are out of school and the teenagers are at parties.

The other reason is they have been working online for years. In your 30s and40s, you will likely have this experience. Still, if search engine optimization is a large piece of your business plan, you might as well make it a priority.

SEO: Homepage Optimization

Search engine optimization means that your website is friendly enough to be indexed by the search engines. Once your website is listed there it will be visible to net surfers. A top search engine placement means more traffic to your website and this will eventually increase your sales.

Homepage optimization is one of the important factors for a website to be listed top in the search engines. If you want to take your website higher in the listings than you need to optimize your homepage. This can be done by using the right keywords.

The list of optimization factors for your homepage includes:

o Title tag:Title tag should include the keyword that you want to optimize your homepage for. It should be kept in mind that some search engines don’t read the title tag.

o Description meta tag:Writing a description meta tag is a very important for your homepage. It will provide the search engines and visitors the short description about your website.

o H1 tag:An H1 tag is the text of the main headline. You need to place the keywords or the phrase that you wish to optimize your homepage for in the H1 tag.

o Bold text:Bold text is the text that is used in italics.

o Italic text:Italic text is the text that is used in italics. It is also known as the strong and emphasis tags.

o Keyword usage:The keyword meta tag is the place where you should use the keywords or keyphrases that you wish to optimize your homepage for. Avoid repeating the keywords in your keyword meta tag too many times. The recommended maximum time spent in the keyword meta tag is 3 times.

o Header tags:Headers are the main text contains in the menu tags. If the keywords used in the heading tags are the same as the keywords in the body text of the page, the page will be classified as spam. Search engines don’t like spamming.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization or SEO is the technique in which you improve the visibility of your website in organic search listings. It is done through the optimization of different kind of features on the site including, title, description, keywords. It is obvious that optimizing the title and description pages helps more for the organic search listings. The main elements that are involved in search engine optimization are the HTML program code, the content of the website, the keywords used and the various tags like heading tags, keywords in the headlines, links, URL and the submission process.


Search engine spiders click through the links of the website, hence the term breadcrumb. It is the representation of the path to the page, hence the name. The breadcrumb should be secret. It should not be listed in the directories. It should be regularly updated. The breadcrumb should be present in heading tags.

Alt Tag

Alt tag with image is important for image search. During the search process, the search engine spiders can not search the images. The alt tag with the image helps the spiders read the picture.


A link tells the users about the destination. It helps to navigate the page easily. SEO For Small Businesses


The content of the website should be concise and rich with keywords. You should write the content in an effort to highlight the keywords. You should have prominent at the top of the page and bottom the page with meaningful content. You should choose meaningful page title.

The links are authoritative and textually descriptive. Not all the pages of the website need to be linked. The Domain name is important in case the website is about a popular company. The internal links helps to foster the crawling of the spiders.

Quality of Content

A website should have such quality content that ranks it at the top in the SERPs.


The content should be authentic and do not contain any fake content.

Make it Social

Social Media Optimization and SEO technique is used to enhance the visibility of the site.

Use Friendly URLs

The domain name should be catchy. It should contain the popular keywords.

Make theUses

Use the keywords and key phrases in the site map, URLs and file names.

Link Building

Link safepRESOLVED award Winning keywords related to your niche. It helps to create a better even image for your website and brand. Provide links of their websites. It will eventually give your website a better page rank. Consider the sites that are linked to your website. Consider the authority of the websites that are linked to your website. Do not give unwanted and circuitous links. SEO For Small Businesses

Image and Video Optimization

Images and videos must be optimized with ALT and TITLE attributes. Search engines do not understand the images and videos.